hi helo

im mars and this is my funy litel website

im gay and trans and lesbean and nonbinary and a whole buncha other wacky stuff that makes the government want me dead >:3

my biggest passions are writing and game design but my other hobbies include playing vidya games, coding (my own games, modding, this website lol), visual art, reading (manga,comics,fiction, etcetc), and probably some other stuff i forgor

she/her it/its :3

games i tihnk are pretty cool

splatoon 3: i fuckig love this game i keep up with the competitive scene a bit and wanna get into that sometime. wiper/tetra dualies main with bamboo on the side :3

risk of rain 2: ok i kinda hate this game actually but i love the game that it could be? i mod the shit out of it, ill prob put up a section on here for that soon. ror1 was pretty good tho

various nintendo games kirby pikmin metroid etc etc

roguelikes!!!! especially the void rains upon her heart. very gay and cute shmup you should go check it out.

hollow knight: when i was super depressed i used to say "i cant die until silksong comes out and i play it". watch mossbag on youtbe

touhou: ive only played embodiment of scarlet devil and perfect cherry blossom. and imperishable night but i havent beat that yet. havent beat hard or extra mode on any of them. sobs

SUPERBUG: my friend made this game you should play it its rly cool. big content update in the works for it :3

some music i like that i thought of off the top of my head

the scary jokes, lemon demon, my chemical romance, king gizzard and the lizard wizard (dabbling), mili, twinkle park, against me!(dabbling), tally hall, a lot of other shit, cringe ass videogame music anime music etc etc

tv shows and anime and shit

top tier: neon genesis evangelion, madoka magica, cowboy bebop, gurren lagann (episode 7 is kinda bad tho), dirk gentleys holistic detective agency (ends on a cliffhanger SOBS), the marvelous ms. maisle

real good manga adaptations: chainsaw man, hunterxhunter(read chapter 1 first tho the anime skips a really important character and it fucks the pacing later on, also when they introduce him in the anime go back and read the manga chapter for it because its way better :clueless:), fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, nichijou, bocchi the rock!, jojo

real fuckin good: gundam:the witch from mercury (havent finished any other gundam show yet), community (havent finished it), lycoris recoil, kill la kill (the baggage there is pretty obvious), im drawin a blank on anything else ill add more later


top tier: hxh, csm, nichijou, azumanga diaoh, probably everything else in the really good adaptations section but i havent read them yet, takopis original sin (really fucking dark but it made me cry like a bitch at the end), one piece (lmao lol lmao. im only like 250 chapters in tho), land of the lustrous/houseki on kuni (it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts), dungeon meshi

gay ass: bloom into you (required reading), nichijou again (whatever mai and yuuko have going on has no straight explanation), schoolzone/schoolzone girls (one of the funniest things ive ever read in my life), yuri espoir (pretyy weird and interesting), boy meets maria (pretty heavy shit in there but also extremely cute enby rep and omega based protagonist)

real good: berserk (this would go in top tier but like theres a bit too much non-plot-required sexual assault :/), toilet-bound hanako-kun, kaguya:love is war (the anime is also rly good), theres honestly a bunch more i could put but im kinda blankin and most of them have annoyingly long titles

the other kind of reading

honestly i dont rly read much bc its hard to find shit that appeals to me. mostly i read deranged nsfw horror written by traumaqueers on twitter lol

worm is pretty good tho. havent read anything else by wildbow

the first 2 discworld books go hard, havent read the rest yet

jon dies at the end and its sequal are sooo good. i dont even usually like horror but this rocks. read it