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untitled demon book

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  1. Claire [3300 words]
  2. Castle [3900 words]
  3. Snowy Town [4600 words]
  4. sorry it took me a million years to get to chapter 3. i'm jugling a million hobbies and fairly severe executive dysfunction and depression and shit. double sorry for having the last thing everyone saw of my book when they went to this website be incest jokes for like a month (chapter 4 is still only like 20 lines in lol)
short stories
  1. the way i embedded these things broke when i updated the site and im too lazy to fix it right now. if you weanna read them go to the old version up above xx
  2. untitled assasin story (CW: murder, obviously) [400 words]

    i wanted to make this into a longer thing a while back, but i wrote to a nice stopping point and then promptly forgot about it for years. Everyone was gonna have weird names (like Grout) and they were all gonna be lesbians. It was to be a story about people doing bad things and knowing they're bad, but feeling like they have to for one reason or another. Again, i forgot all the details.

  3. not human (CW: bleak themes, bigotry, blood and killing and violence) [400 words]

    Vent piece i wrote while freaking out about the upcoming genocide in the good 'ol usa :))))))))))
    i literally lost like 3 hours of sleep that night and this was the result. ...There are some changes i'd make to it, but since it's a vent piece, i don't really want to alter it after the fact and risk diminishing its vibe or whatever.
    Technically repurposed a fantasy element i had come up with for another story a while ago, expect to see certain themes/ideas come up again in other works. Also, get me out of here qwq